Sunday, August 3, 2008

Chris Rock - No Apologies Tour

Chris Rock
No Apologies Tour
Saturday 2nd August 2008
Hisense Arena
Melbourne, Australia

I will start at the beginning, we arrived mad early to this, waiting is something I am used to, but I hate... With an 8pm start planned, at quarter past the support act came on first, Mario Joyner... I was a little surprised, I didn't think Chris needed an opener, but in any case I was blown away by Mario... Some truly funny jokes about the flight over, and obvious lack of black people over here, which Chris would later follow up on... He could really hold the audience, and did for his half hour set... If he is ever around you should check him out!

Chris graced the stage with a bang... A few Australia jokes, some made me laugh and some made me cringe, jokes about what Australians have done to its indigenous people just aren't funny to me... I did feel similarly when he was joking about lynchings later, ouch... He made some funny jokes about the politics of the US at the moment, killed it about John McCain, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama and his wife...

He talked about he had to be careful to do a good show because Britneys kids were taken away after one bad show, although they dont usually do that with black kids - look at Bobby and Whitneys kids! Then continued about the disgrace of rich kids and his fears for his own kids, who are rich...

He talked alot about the N word, let us white people in on the one time we are allowed to drop the N bomb, which was hilarious, and it did feel that he was winding up the show on this high note, unfortunately the low light was that he didn't and kept on with the differences between men and women... Also including some chat about marriage, there were definitely funny moments, but overall the jokes about men just wanting to get laid and women just wanting money (pussy has a price but dick is free) felt a bit old news to me...

Overall I was really impressed, laughed my arse off and would be happy to see him again should he return on his next tour!

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