Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Lego Movie

We had all sorts of plans for today, and on Friday, when they all fell through, I immediately remembered the Village Cinena email that offered $10 tickets to an advanced screening to see the Lego Movie... They pushed back the release of this film in Australia to coincide with school holidays, despite it being out for up to a month in other countries... We ordered tickets and away we went!

At Village cinema, there were a few Lego related activities for the kids, had this been better publicised we would have arrived earlier... In any case, we were given plenty of take away colouring in sheets etc... They also have a Lego family combo, which includes 4 small popcorn and 4 small drinks AND 4 sealed packets of Lego for $35... With a Robot police man and his little ship, and the Piece of Resistance pack with Emmet and a wreckage scene where he found the piece of resistance, they are already selling on eBay between $10-20!

The film itself was awesome! I don't like posting spoilers, what I will say is this: I didn't look at my watch, which is the best possible sign... It had something for everyone, we all found very different things funny and ALL laughed loudly throughout... We are 36, 34, 5 and 3... We will definitely be buying it once it is out, Marley asked if we could the minute the credits rolled!

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