Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Routines vs School Holidays

Routines vs School Holiday's

I am a routine type of woman... I love to be organised and for the kids to know what's happening next, so a routine is the way forward for us as a family... School holidays started over two weeks ago, and Mark's and my holidays started exactly two weeks ago... We have wanted to make the most of this time together as a family, I am all too aware that Marley is starting school at the end of the month, and I'm getting nervous about it... Because of this, we have made lots of plans, done a lot of activities, been to the zoo, scooters at the park, play centres, play dates, the list goes on... The kids have been tired, and when they are tired, they seem to sleep less, I have never been woken up so many mornings before 7am since they were under 6 months! And because of it, we were all exhausted... From the weekend they have finally gone back to sleeping from 7-7.30, and what a difference it has made!

To combat the exhaustion, I schedule in 'chill times' on top of 12.30-2 rest/nap times... During which we might watch a movie, read books, just have downtime... I am doing this every day, yet the kids are still tired, which makes parenting a little more tricky then it is while we are all in the thick of our routine... I miss it... I miss us all getting up and ready for kinder, the drop off, the hanging out with mace, I'm sure time spent apart helps the kids relationships! The pick up, cuddles on the couch, dinner, bed, no incidents, just a smooth operation... And while kinder is not on the cards now until Mace goes, yesterday I really enjoyed our return to work (having Daddy home is seriously exciting for them), to our routine being semi back on track, so that the rest of the school holidays is a bit more relaxed, and we can make the most of spending time with Marley before she goes off to school! 

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