Monday, January 20, 2014

Brickvention (Lego Convention) Melbourne 2014

Brickvention 2014 

Event Venue: Royal Exhibition Building

Last year I heard about Brickvention and it was already sold out! When I saw tickets on sale, I snapped them up immediately, and they were really affordable as far as family outings go, $12 per adult and $6 per child... We arrived for our slot 15 minutes early and the queue was already quite long, in the next 15 minutes it quadruped!  

Once in there are tables among tables of Lego sets assembled, really well thought out and detailed dioramas, collections of mini figs and modified sets... It's madness, and so interesting to see what the exhibitors have done... It's also nice to have a chat with exhibitors, and learn about their experiences with Lego... There was loads of Star Wars stuff, which I could appreciate even though I'm not a fan... A few awesome superheroes sets, and cities, underwater, trains, it was a lot! And then of course there was the stalls, so much Lego to buy! We bought a few mini figs, as they weren't in their packs so I could get what I wanted out of the new series... 2 of those mini figs was the first Lego that I have ever owned, I don't see myself as becoming addicted like the rest of my family, but they were particularly cute characters!


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