Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lollipops Forest Hill

Lollipops at Forest Hill Chase

Over the years we have been to many play centres, ranging from mediocre to really bad... In September Lollipops at Forest Hill opened, and I can't look back! This place is amazing!!! Levels and levels of crazy fun... Canons, massive slide, big webbed tunnel to climb right up the centre of, and your usually, jumping castle, ball pit, oh and let's not forget, the mini pirate ship! Yes an actual ride! 

When we usually go to play centres, we stay a couple hours, we can easily put 4 hours in here! It's just amazing... I would say better suited to preschoolers then mid 2's and under, there is a toddler area, but it wouldn't be worth the cost... It IS expensive, around 30% more then our usual centre, but Mark said 'it's more then 50% more fun!' And he is right, it is... Fun for the kids, fun for you too, if you want to get involved, I went down the slide, and it is FUN! 

It looks like we will be having the kids birthdays there this year, they are obsessed!

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