Monday, August 5, 2013

Glory Box: Paradise Finucane & Smith - 45downstairs

I love burlesque, I love edgy shows, naked, funny, hot, dancing women, so the minute I saw this, I booked! There were 4 of us, but things changed, and it ended up just Mark and I, date night! There was a lot to love about this show, and love it we did! Ursula Martinez and Jess Love were absolute highlights! I had seen them both before, and in this very intimate setting, they were even better! Ursula's magic trick will never cease to make me smile, they did a double together that was face achingly hilarious! And Jess had a lot of nuances to her hula hoop act that were hilarious, and then cheeky! The other acts ranged from some amazing choreography to trying to shock, to being actually shocking... 

45downstairs is a great venue, intimate, and well decked out with lanterns and candles... The hosts were lovely, seats not too close together... Definitely worth the money, time and childcare!

Glory Box: Paradise Finucane & Smith - Friday, 02/08/13 - 07:00 PM
Organisation: Finucane & Smith
45 Flinders Lane
Melbourne, VIC 3000 

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