Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bay leaf Balinese Restaurant Cairns

Bayleaf Balinese restaurant

It was my aunts birthday while in Cairns, and we all went out for a lovely meal to celebrate... They have been before and so we booked an early meal with the kids, in hope of getting out early... Unfortunately half of the family ordered the banquet, a mistake that cost us lots of time! We started with cocktails, a Balinese spin on the honeybear, it was huge, deliciously coconutty on top of the chocolate milky goodness, and to be honest, had we not started with that, I probably would have lost my ish waiting for our main to come... I ordered the suckling pig with crackle and a pork mince salad, it was amazing, when it came... They were incredibly busy and it was slow service, slow coming out, which I found stressful with my 4 year old who I wanted to get to bed after a big day of travel! My main piece of advice would be to go with the banquet if that's what everyone else is having, so you don't have to wait an eternity for your food while everyone else eats...

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