Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Society Cafe Encore Las Vegas

The thing about the Wynn properties is that Steve Wynn is vegan, so his properties seriously cater for vegan and vegetarians... I had heard about the menu at Society cafe and was sure that Mark would like it! So I ordered the clam chowder and Mark ordered a vegan burger with the vegan chocolate shake, unfortunately the shake contained coconut milk and corn syrup which Mark is allergic to... The burger was awesome though, as was my chowder, and my blood orange mimosa... The service was amazing! Our server taking notes on all of Mark's allergies to see what they could do extra for him - which it turned out was nothing (corn syrup is in EVERYTHING over there) but not for lack of trying... They even brought out vegan pretzels with vegan butter for complimentary starters... If you have food preferences and allergies, and you eat with someone who doesn't, this spot is perfect! Also, we spied Jermaine Dupri leaving the pool with his body guard post pool party...

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