Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday 17 September

Thursday 17 September

A family morning as we walked through central park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art… Thought Marley would enjoy the art and have been stinging to see Damien Hirsts Shark, and Mark as an artist always appreciates some good art! The Met was brilliant, spent hours there, was really really happy that we finally made it…

Walked around and over towards Serendipity 3 for their Frozen Hot Chocolate, finally arrived, starving ready to eat and they don’t allow strollers… We were asked to leave it out the front of the shop or tip some guy across the road to mind it… I was devastated, and explained to the man that I was desperate to try the frozen hot chocolate so could I just grab one take away, he said they didn’t do take away, but he would make an exception because of the circumstances… I am so glad he did, it was AMAZING!!! I drank as we walked back to 5th Ave, in heaven!

5th Ave again, Nike town again, just walking around, stumbled across the sex and the city 2 filming, checked that out a bit… Didn’t see very much though, the girls were in Bergdorf Goodman’s... And we walked and walked till we arrived home by night to pack…

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