Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
5th Avenue & 82,
New York -
+1 212-879-5500

The wonderful museums of NYC have always been on my to do list, but we have always been so caught up with being out and about they have always fallen by the wayside… On this trip it wasnt just about being out in the street, so we thought Marley might enjoy a rich art experience...

The Roman/Greek exhibit was awe inspiring… The modern section had loads of famous pieces and eventually making our way through the massive mazelike space we found the shark, it was very impressive, if not looking a little bit knackered… Out through the Egyptian space, there is one room which has one wall of windows, a water feature and some great pieces of Egyptian art, the through the other bits, the mummies, hieroglyphs etc, just fantastic!

We probably need another day or two there to get full scope, but we got to see the main points of interest to me and that was the main thing!

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