Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nu Nu - Restaurant - Palm Cove

123 Williams Esplanade
Palm Cove,
Australia, 4879
Phone +61 7 4059 9200
Fax +61 7 4059 9222

Though I have been up here 6 or so times I have never trekked to Palm Cove, usually I end up in Cairns with my cousin and her crew, doing what locals in my age group here do – drinking, so it was a nice change to get out of the city not just to ort for a new years eve bash), palm cove was beautiful, could definitely imagine holidaying there… A little isolated yet quite full of people, and home to Nunu which was the core reason for going there…

We had read the reviews for Nunu, in two separate publications, and my aunt recommended it, so 6 of us headed out for the 40 ish minute drive to breakfast paradise… Indeed it was, Nunu is located at peppers spa. They always have the most lovely places and this was no exception, Big open spaces, the wins blowing through the curtains, big couches with loads of cushions to keep you comfy, and if you peeked past reception you could see the lovely swimming area for the guests here!
The menu wasn’t vast in its length, but definitely in its flavours… I had the free range eggs and avocado for breakfast, going past the awesome options for a sweet breakfast, mark had the eggs and tomato, Carmen had the ham and cheese house in eggy bread which apparently was very rich in its entirety, but looked great, mark wants it filled with just cheese should we ever return! Michelle has the caramel hotcakes with coconut sorbet which looked amazing and was, mum had the eggs and bacon, and Daniel had the bacon, sausage and mushroom, the amount of bacon you got was crazy, a massive pile! We were told it was small serves, but this is simply untrue, it kept us full for 5 or 6 hours! Which is a long-time for a pregnant lady!
The service was great with the staff taking a relaxed and familiar attitude to us, being very helpful with the menu, and keeping out water full, and that we were happy overall with the experience.

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