Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fusion Organics Cafe - Cairns

Fusion Organics Cafe
Cnr Grafton and Aplin Sts
QLD 4870
Open from 7am Mon - Sat
Phone 0740511388

On our arrival we were ravenous, the fam were fafing about in the area and wanted us to meet them for lunch, it was longer then I expected to walk on such a hot day, but it was worth it!!! This spot makes EVERYTHING on the premises and you could really taste the lovely flavour in their organic range… We were all impressed by the food, mine was a bacon, avocado, sundried tomato mayo foccacia, marks was a roasted pumpkin foccacia, mums was similar o mine with out the avocado or mayo, much had the most gangsta ham sandwich I have ever seen!!! Carmen had the duck salad, the duck was a bit fatty, but otherwise good… for the coffee and cake round I had the baked cheesecake, which unfortunately wasn’t that good, though I did eat every bite! Mark had the caramel slice slice, which he wasn’t overly impressed by, and Carmen had the rear caramel and ginger cake which looked fantastic and apparently was! So thumbs up for the lunches, not so much for the cakes…

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