Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cairns Habitat Cruises

Croc cruise
Half day tour $59
The cruise started off down the mangroves, giving you an opportunity to check out the local nature, and if you are lucky, which we were, some crocs in their natural habitat… It was quite lovely, as was the tea and cake provided… When we docked Gary picked us up in the tour bus and took us to the Cairns International Croc Park, not a tourist croc par like Hartleys, but a proper croc farm… Wee saw where they breed, where the babies go once they have hatched, where they are culled, and hang out until they are frozen… A full on experience with loads of info, the most important being that the French and Italian fashion houses buy up to 85% of the croc skin farmed here Hermes is their biggest client…
Overall we really enjoyed this tour, was well worth the $59 each we paid, very informative!

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