Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tesselaar Tulip Festival

I'm not a flower person... I have a few flowers I enjoy seeing or smelling, but I'm not into flower shows or growing them... The pictures from the Tesselaar Tulip Festival sold me on it, it just looked so magical... On reading about the school holiday activities they have, I was completely in...

We arrived on opening, there was a queue but it moved super fast! And once in, the crowd dispersed, the grounds are huge! Our plan was to find face painting immediately so we wouldn't have to wait in line foreverrrrr... We asked a staff member and headed over, it was $10 per face which I thought was a bit much, but the promise was made and whilst there was a kid in each chair, there was no queue! About 30 seconds after we got there, a group of 8 kids joined, so glad we weren't behind them! The job itself was really good, worth the money...

Straight to the tulips, they were magical and beautiful... It honestly felt so special to be there... The kids loved walking through them, I just loved the feeling of them on my eyeballs!

At 10.30 The mikmaks were on, a mediocre kids music group... The kids got a free balloon made (a dinosaur and a fairy sword), we ate, checked out the fairy garden which was just beautiful... The children loved the fairy garden, and around a corner we saw Fairy Monica up a tree, Marley's mind was blown! A bit more strolling around and we were done... 

A thoroughly enjoyable day... Already looking forward to going back next year!

There was also a reptile zoo, craft, art, sand work, tractor rides, we simply ran out of time as mace was exhausted!


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