Monday, March 11, 2013

Big bed time!

Two weeks ago Mark and I were going about our morning routine while the kids slept... We heard a massive bang! And ran upstairs... Mace had climbed out of his cot, in his sleeping bag!!! And landed on his head! I was horrified, shocked, scared, but the little soldier was fine... The question of 'what kid does this?' plagued me... I had never heard of a kid in a sleeping bag climbing out of a cot, what sort if ridiculous upper body strength does this kid have? I was seriously freaked out!

My plan was to order a bed, but who knew how long that would take? Put him on a mattress, try to make his cot into a day bed? This stuck with me all morning, then it came to me! Marley has a trundle single bed under her bed, so I got in there and moved furniture all around, put his new sheets (I was planning to get him a bed in the next month) on and voila, he had his new big boys bed! The awesome thing about it is that it's not too high off the ground so if he did fall out, it's not a long way down... It is a perfect solution!

I was incredibly nervous that he wouldn't stay in it, Marley was in a big bed for over a month at this age, but she seemed more mature then our lad! In any case he has been awesome, he goes in and stays in, waits for us to get him before getting out in the morning... It's been a dream... I know it might not stay that way, but for right now, I am really happy with the outcome... He is too, he loves his big boys bed, and all of his sleepy pals...

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