Monday, December 5, 2011

Foo Fighters at AAMI Park Review

Foo Fighters

The first ever gig at AAMI park... I must say as a venue for a gig it was awesome, loved being under the stars! As a Melbourne Victory supporter I was concerned about the pitch, I guess time will tell just how much damage all the drunkards in general admission did it to, and there were plenty... Leaving the venue my shoes were sticking to the floor, thought I was going to lose them, yuck!

The Foo Fighters have been a favourite band of mine since their inception, I have seen them loads of times and they have never failed to impress me... I am completely enamoured with Dave Grohl... The band came through with a great set, but, yes there is a but, it is probably the worst set list I have heard from them... Still good though, still an awesome show, still will continue to see them live... Just thought that there last show was better, felt like they tried to mix it up a bit too much and there was a little to much jamming and lulls (this was made up by our truly awesome seats, 6 rows back, at the front right)... Most of all he made us hang for the best part monkey wrench, kinda blowing the track for me, and it is in my top 3 Foo Fighters tracks, so that sucked...

The other thing was that Pat looked like he wasn't well? Sick, or stressed, or sad? By the end he seemed a little happier, but I was genuinely worried about him...

For all of that, these guys put on a damn good, loud, long show, with such an impressive catalog of music they always bring it! They are a tight unit performing, charismatic, funny and make it feel personal... Was a great girls night out with my best friend, who is leaving me... Love the Foo Fighters!!!

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