Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day...

You really can't imagine how magical Christmas is with a toddler until you have one! Marley is 2 and 9 months and has been extremely excited about Christmas, all about listening to and singing carols and making gingerbread... From the get go she wanted one thing from Santa and that was a triangle, the instrument... I don't even know how she knows that they exist, but hey... I encouraged her to think about other things she might like, she came up with Fairy Bells from the fairies, and music in her room (it just do happens we had bought her a boom box/iPod dock for her room), definitely a theme here... She has talked loads about getting a fish called 'Squeaky' so Santa brought her one of those two amongst loads of other gifts!
She put out snacks and drinks for Santa and Rudolph the night before and surprisingly went off to sleep with no issue (she is usually awesome at going to bed, but I thought the excitement might be too much!) after a delicious dinner with the family... In the morning she was beyond excited, the only downside was that she had so many presents that she barely noticed each individual one until later on the day... I was impressed with my gifts too!
We shared the cooking for 8, had a delicious traditional roast with pav for dessert, couldn't fit in the pudding and custard... I ate far too much and couldn't even fit in dinner!
The weather was warm and stormy... The beautiful thing about mums garden is that half of it is more like an extension of her lounge area, under cover with a lounge, tables and chairs, so we spent most of the day outside... Lovely to spend the day with our family, delicious food, thoughtful gifts and by the end I was do exhausted I could barely speak... Cuddled up with Mark and watched Inbetweeners The Film again, perfect light hearted laughs to finish off a big, big day!

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Pav looks amazing!!!!