Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Myer Santa Land and Christmas Windows Review

Myer Christmas Windows and Santaland

It’s Christmas time already, this means another photo with Santa! We headed to the 6th floor (instead of basement) to queue up for a photo with Santa... Queue went surprisingly fast, Marley was far more interested in the train ride then Santa, so we used that as a bribe, oops, positive reward! She wouldn’t sit with Santa so we all sat with Santa, got the photo, then she played with the sleeping Rudolph and once we chose the photo, we were off!

We joined the queue for the train ride, it was super fast! She got her ride, I was surprised that it was free!!! Once that was over we went out in the pouring rain to see the Myer Christmas windows, another short wait, but well worth it...

Last year I found the windows to be really creepy... This year was brilliant! Really lovely puppets, a nice song, bright and traditional... A big hit with Marley, she loved it! (her face is saying why are you making me look at you?!?)

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