Monday, November 28, 2011

The Fairies Christmas Ballet Review

The Fairies Christmas Ballet

We booked tickets to The Fairies Christmas Ballet months ago, a couple weeks ago we started to listen to Christmas carols and watch The Fairies Christmas DVD to prepare for the live show... The DVD was fab and really set the scene for the show... Tickets were reasonable at $27.50 each, the merch surrounding the event (DVD, cd and fairy bells) another $50!

From the moment we entered Marley started dancing to the background music and for every song she danced then jumped back into her seat for the acting... There was one piece of the story that maybe went a minute longer then she would have liked between songs, but she is 2 & ½ so everything needs to happen now now now!

The highlight was Barnaby the Busy Buzzy Bee, hilarious, love him! Lowlight was that all of the other actors were lookalikes (aside from Barnaby and possibly Minuet), they said this might happen and she didn’t notice...

Now there is a film of this event, hoping we get time to take her!

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sooooo sweet!!!

Kelly said...

Played A some of 'The Fairies' on YouTube before bed and she loves them! I remembered that Miss M had been (probably several times!), so dug this up. How adorable is Marley! Absolutely can't wait to take A in a couple weeks! Under 18mo's are free, so loving the price too. I think the old Myer Xmas Windows post has convinced me to check it out with A.. Thanks. :)