Sunday, December 13, 2009

Singapore Airlines - August 09

Singapore Airlines
We always fly Singapore, its a wonderful airline, though we felt less impressed then usual with them… After taking the other flights around the world afterwards we are safely able to say that they are still the best... In the very least they are child friendly... There were mild stuff ups, including waiting until the last minute to priority board families and people with special needs, and Marks vegetarian meal… We always order special meals, Mark is a vegetarian and we like to eat together, you also get them first so you have eaten, and had your tray taken away by the time every one else is having theirs delivered.. The good news about the stuff up was that while they scrounged for something to give him we ate at different times, which with an infant it made much more sense to do… We got a bassinet on both flights which was helpful, apart from the ‘turbulence’ (quotation marks because there was no obvious turbulence) for the first five hours on the second flight which resulted in me having to hold Marley for 5 hours…

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