Thursday, October 29, 2009

Twilight Saga - Stephanie Meyer

After seeing the awful Twilight film I felt the need to explore the reason that so many people were into it, the obvious reason was that maybe the books were good? After some Facebook research of my peers I had decided that maybe I should give them a go? I had a long holiday coming up which always calls for some reading, so I went to K Mart to but them and found them on sale for $15 each, sorted...
I started the first one a few days before we left, thinking I would be a few chapters into it and hopefully addicted for our long haul flights... Addicted was right, it was finished in two days (which with a 5 month old was a task in itself)... Then onto the second which I finished at the end of the flight, and the next two in the week that followed... Two weeks, four addictive books... Needless to say I did enjoy them...
The story had all the elements required to keep you reading, good character development, some adventure, romance, and of course, bloodsuckers! The main character, Bella, I found annoying most of the time, just a bit too needy and pathetic, but on some level I could relate, when I was a teenager, my first love consumed me whole just as Edward consumed her... I suppose that all of the bits I found annoying could be excused because this book was written for teenagers, and now I am older, I know better ;)
I was hoping that the books would last my whole holiday and I could review them one by one, but reading them so close together they have just blurred together... The other thing that they inspired me to do was watch the film again, and I must say that its much better if you have read the book, it wasn't as snoozeworthy, even with the bad acting!

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