Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tegan and Sara at Palace Melbourne 09.01.09

Tegan and Sara
Palace Theatre

After their last show at the forum, my expectations were high… And to start I will say that they were fulfilled… Playing at the Palace (the old metro) the sound was crystal clear, wherever we stood, eventually settling for the back as I feel vulnerable with this bub riding up front... Starting at 11.30 - past my bedtime, we arrived about 20 mins before they were due on stage, and they were prompt, which always excites me… They moved through their set list effortlessly, with candid stories that they are known for… A couple of versions of their songs didn’t do them justice, but overall it was a great choice of songs and composition… They played for an hour and a half, I could have stood there for another hour of it meant hearing some of their older songs… Am glad I withstood the weight of my baby for the experience, I will definitely be catching them again...

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