Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Yesterday we went to Camden; this is my favourite place in London… I had prepared myself for the worst after the fire and it was indeed pretty bad… My donut man has gone which was sad to see, maybe his cart was smoked out in the fire, who knows, but it’s awful! Went to my favourite little shop whose name evades me, its right near the lock markets and has some dope kitschy type stuff, got some pics of our favourite items… Want those gum boots badly, but where would I wear them?!?
Couldn't believe the lack of homeless people and drugs, where are all my old clients at???
I finally got a Prêt A Manger hot chocolate which was fab!!! And especially good considering the cool weather…

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Anonymous said...

Aw that first pic of you Corrie is super cute !!
Man you're getting so skinny !!