Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Day 7 Disneyland

Rope drop at DCA
Radiator Springs Fastpass, so we could go and meet Olaf. The dance off with Starlord and Gamora was next, this was pretty fun, then some attractions
Sorcerers room in the animation building
Turtle Talk with Crush again – it is different every time
Animation academy drawing Edna Mode
Black Panther and Black Widow meet and greet, Loki and Dr Strange joined us for a chat and a photo in the line
Time for ice cream, I wanted a kitchen sink ice cream from Clarabelles, we made the mistake of ordering one each, one could easily feed 2-3 people!
was a delicious treat!
We needed to pack so we started with that, and came back to DCA to do the Trail and eat one last time at the lucky fortune cookery, it is just so nice to eat a healthy meal in the parks. The on to The little mermaid ride, monsters inc, another 20 minute wait, it didn’t ever go down, Heimlichs chew chew train, and an early spot for paint the night parade. As schmoozies closed they brought us three free smoothies which was pretty cool.
Paint the night was both kids favourite show/parade, and it was pretty amazing. 10pm bed, our last park day tomorrow!

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