Thursday, July 24, 2014

Waikiki Gun Club Hawaii

Waikiki Indoor Range
2142 Kalakaua Ave. 2nd Floor
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815
Tel: (808) 922-6442
Business Hours:
Mon - Sat: 10am - 11:30pm
Sun: 12pm - 11:30pm

Waikiki gun club

Now you might remember my first shooting experience in Vegas last year... It's the absolute delusion of power, and I loved it! I disagree with the NRA, the gun laws etc, but as an experience, I can totally see why people love their guns... Which enforces why I disagree with the gun laws!

You can print off a coupon for a 20-30% off discount, which we did, and considering that they only sell packages (I would have been happy shooting a CX-4 Storm and trying an AK47, but got roped into the high power course), it's worth printing it out just in case... It's a small indoor range with no queues, great professional and friendly staff, and of course the gun I had been wanting to shoot for the past year...

Overall a great experience!

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