Friday, June 17, 2011

My second take on True Blood...

I am going to start at the start with this one... When True Blood started in the US we started watching it... We had recently seen 'The Starter Wife' which stars the actor that plays Bill, he was awful in it, dude has no screen presence at all... To find him as the lead in True Blood gave it an automatic negative... We tried the first 8 episodes, found it unbearable and stopped watching..

Fast forward to my pregnancy with Mace, I think we should give it another go, download it and put it away...

A couple months ago my BFF is raving about it, talking about it like it's truly awesome, so I give in and decided to watch it... I did feel like I had to power through those first 8 episodes, but the distance from my Bill experience did make it vaguely easier to watch him... There is lots of bad acting, but there is definitely something about this show, something addictive... And it does keep getting better! I watched the first 3 seasons whenever I could, whenever the children were asleep and am eagerly awaiting season 4!

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