Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Severe pregnancy itch and rash kept at bay with acupuncture and Chinese medicine

It has been awfully quiet over here... The last couple months I have been plagued with a severe pregnancy itch and rash... Making me crazy and ruining what was another perfect pregnancy...

After several doctors visits (GP and obstetrician), lotions, creams, scripts, and every remedy recommended by every person I encountered to no avail, I woke up one morning after another bad night and I thought I should try Chinese Medicine... There is a spot around the corner that practices so I booked in that day... The relief was immediate, and has been on an incline over the past few weeks... Tanya has been a magical Godsend... She has single handedly saved my pregnancy...

If any of you know anyone who is suffering with this please point them in Tanyas (or another reputable practitioner) direction!


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