Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dave Hughes - Retro - Melbourne International Comedy Festival - Palais Theatre

Dave Hughes at the Palais Theatre, Melbourne International Comedy Festival

I know a lot of people don’t like Hughesy, but I do, and after seeing his show Retro, I like him even more! Opening with a confused yet charming Glen Robbins, then Denise Scott… Denise is funny in a very niche way, she just makes me think about my mum and the concept that I am going to get old, so its not so much fun…

Dave came out and in a mix of scripted and improv kept us laughing from start to end… It did feel like it did go on a bit, but that’s probably because it was well past my bed time… He is far more entertaining in 3d then on TV, even if you aren't sure about him, if you get a chance to check him, do it!

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Kelly said...

Ewwww... :)

(Glad you had a good time!)