Wednesday, February 29, 2012

American Horror Story

If you like scary, you will like this... I was seriously freaked out, couldn't get to sleep, had to decide that I can't watch it... But it is all I thought about for days afterwards, even read the episode guide so I could feel like I watched it... It is that good... Can not believe that it comes from the same dude that does Glee! Seriously effed up...

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Carrie Diaries Summer and the City - Candace Bushnell

I only read this out of obligation to the characters... I just had to know what happened... Turns out not much... For the most part they have stayed true to the characters, although I have spotted a few inconsistencies...

Would be awesome if I was a teen, which is who these are aimed at... Will never recommend or re read, but will probably read the next one... Sad I know...

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Homeland - TV Series

Homeland is awesome... Watch it!

If my word isn't enough here are 3 reasons why:
It is reminiscent of 24 minus Jack Bauer
The twists and turns are reason enough, you just can't be quite sure who is doing what for who when
Claire Danes is brilliant

Such a good series, thanks for the recommendation Hayley!!! It just leaves you wanting more, more, more...

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Monday, February 20, 2012


I am sure I am going to be blasted for this, but the first point I am going to make here is that you are free to say what you like to me, you are also free to check the Internet at your leisure, which is where I constantly see people complain that we, in Australia, don't have enough freedom, that this is a shit place to live, amongst many other negative things... That you are allowed to say that in public forums, that you can walk down the street holding hands with your lover, that you can get up in the morning and wear what you want in the street, go to a job that you choose to do, can protest for the things that you believe are wrong with our country, of which there are many, proves that we have basic freedoms that many countries do not...

I love Australia, I know our history is bloody, and we still haven't set to right many of those wrongs, I hope that one day we do... To me, this is a place of hope right now, my grandfather came here 60 years ago from Malta looking for a better life, and this land gave it to him, he met a beautiful Australian woman and they had 5 babies together, his children had children, Maltese, Australian, English, Indian, Italian... Now when we gather at his house once a month, it's all about his great grandchildren, who are English, Swedish, Swiss, Italian, Australian and live all over the world, I love that Australia is this melting pot of culture... I love that my family is made up of different cultures, that our kids all have completely different colourings, you can see that we all belong in each tiny face...

I know we have a long way to go in many ways, equal rights, horrific policies regarding refugees and the like... But the fact that we have groups allowed to advocate for the changes we would like to see, without being shot in the head, is definitely a bonus... Hearing people who speak this way, who constantly slam the way things are here make me sad, sad that we can't all see how much worse it could be, at the same time as trying to make it better... That's the best part, we are free to make it better... And that's a far better approach then whinging and moaning about it!

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Carrie Diaries - Candace Bushnell Review

This story was a BIG change from the collections that I have been reading lately... Was glad to finally start this, am a big fan of Sex and the City, though I must admit that the book was easily Candace's worst work in my opinion...

This book is light, so light that I barely cared about it... Rarely thought about it while I wasn't reading it, but when I was, it was entertaining... Don't know that I would recommend it... The last few chapters is when I started caring and then it was over... Am going to start the next in the series tonight as the end of this book leaves you on a note filled with familiarity and expectation... Read it if you want, but not because I told you to, because I'm not telling you to!

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